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STOMIX production plant
  • New production line of acoustic panels

    Acoustic panels ready for shipping

    Early 2019, we built a brand new production line for the acoustic panels that we supply to our parent company. Not only has this line optimized our internal logistics processes, but it has also increased overall production capacity.

    At the same time, working conditions and all environmental aspects have been improved (better dust filtration, lower noise levels and reduced heating costs thanks to new gas drying chambers).

  • Investment into production modernization

    • LED lighting for the STOMIX production hall
      LED lighting for the STOMIX production hall
    • LED lighting for STOMIX warehouses
      LED lighting for STOMIX warehouses

    A new investment project was launched at the end of last year aimed at reducing the energy demands of the STOMIX factory in Skorošice.

    After new insulated sectional doors were installed last year, the company proceeded with investment in changing the lighting of production and warehouse halls. By using advanced LED technology, we hope to reduce the energy demand of lighting by up to 60%. An improvement in working conditions is a matter of course, and the simplification of maintenance and reduced failure rates can also be expected.

    Our region is unique in its location and environment. We are worried about the environment and respectful of our surroundings. The completion of this project will see drastic and permanent savings in energy and reductions in CO2 emissions compared to the baseline (initial) state.